SC Cowork & Live Campus Malta

Joined July 2019
6, Alamein Road, Pembroke PBK 1776, Malta

With the SC Cowork and Live Campus you choose the idale location for Coliving or Coworking it is an inspiring spot for team projects, startups, team building or a spot where to meet-up and network with other digital nomads on the Co-working Campus in Malta. It offers you all you can wish - Open 24 hours 7 days a week, meeting rooms, good equipment, on sight accommodation and offices and a wonderful atmosphere.

With us you can fully focus your attention on the essential and create distance to the distractions of everyday life. We bring together everything you need to develop your potential on one campus. You will find an inspiring environment with plenty of amenities. Motivate yourself or your collaborators by allowing yourself to work in such an environment. It releases new potential!

Enjoy your stay on the Malta Campus with numerous shared or dedicated workplaces, private offices, conference rooms (including beamer or whiteboards) with space for teams of any size plus accommodation for everyone's needs. All options include free usage of all common areas such as the pool and sun deck.

Our modern apartments and studios are located directly on campus and are all equipped with a fully functional kitchen and WiFi. In the apartments you can live together with other like-minded people. Sharing an apartment is not only more affordable but also a great opportunity to rediscover the cominity feeling of bygone days and a great opportunity to develop new friendships. If it is okay for you to share a room with another coworker, it is also possible, so you save money again. In our Coliving Appartments you can cook together, plan activities away from work or be inspired by the perspectives of others. If you prefer to live on your own, our studios are the place to be. They consist of a bedroom, a private bathroom and a fully equipped kitchenette.

Our dedicated leisure coordinator organizes many activities and excursions at reasonable prices. Some activities such as beach volleyball tournaments, our beer tasting or music evenings take place on the campus while others take you to the most beautiful and exciting places on the island. Of course there is also an island tour organized with the help of which you will get an overview of the most important sights of Malta.


Basic Amenities

  • Wheelchair Accessable
  • Mail service
  • Air Conditioning
  • Heating

Food & Drinks

  • Barista coffee
  • Lunch


  • Public transport within 5 minute walk

Meetingspace Amenities

  • Whiteboard
  • Projector
  • Beamer

Compound Amenities

  • Swimming pool


  • Events
Fees And Costs
# People Duration Price Access Hours Availability
1 1 Week EUR 140.00 24Book It
1 1 Month EUR 560.00 24Book It
# People Duration Price Access Hours Availability
2 1 Month EUR 1000.00 24Book It
2 2 Month EUR 1975.00 24Book It
2 4 Month EUR 3750.00 24Book It
5 1 Month EUR 1600.00 24Book It
5 2 Month EUR 3160.00 24Book It
5 4 Month EUR 6000.00 24Book It
8 1 Month EUR 2000.00 24Book It
8 2 Month EUR 3950.00 24Book It
8 4 Month EUR 7500.00 24Book It
# People Duration Price Access Hours Availability
1 1 Week EUR 115.00 24Book It
2 1 Week EUR 225.00 24Book It
1 1 Week EUR 215.00 24Book It
2 1 Week EUR 325.00 24Book It
# People Duration Price Access Hours Availability
1 1 Day EUR 20.00 24Book It
1 1 Week EUR 100.00 24Book It
1 1 Month EUR 400.00 24Book It


6, Alamein Road, Pembroke PBK 1776, Malta

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 Simon Wismeth

A very nice place!