PricingWe connect freelancers, entrepreneurs, startups and SME's with building owners to build a profitable relationship on monetizing their unused offices.

When you offer meeting spaces, offices, coworking spaces, congress spaces, event spaces, popup store spaces or workshop spaces; you can list them all on our platform.

If you offer free or paid amenities like coffee, tea, tv screens or even a lunch, you can add them in your account. They are billed too so you don't have to make tiny bills yourself.



We are 100% PSD2 compliant as we're working with the World's largest payment provider; Stripe.

Stripe offers highly secured payment solutions which are developed for our platform. Stripe has 9 offices around the world, serving millions of companies like Amazon, Uber, Deliveroo and

Stripe will process all of our platform payments in all of the 100+ countries we're serving.


The platform is completely free to use! So list your space and start earning money. Our commission is just 3% of every booking so 97% of the proceeds are yours!

Local taxes can be set up on every space. So if you need to add sales tax, occupation tax or whatever (local) tax you require for your space and/or your amenities; you just add it. They are added to the bill automaticly and we collect on your behalf and send it all toyour account.