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Open Plan Seating

You can sit anywhere you want in designated areas. It can be in a window, the garden, at the coffee table or the bar. It's up to you!

Hot Desk

Hot desks are for professionals who are looking for a space to work on a temporary basis or night time warriors hacking their innovative ideas.

Dedicated Desk

Dedicated desks are for those who know they will be at the same place every day every week.

Private Office

Private offices are for individuals and teams looking at their own zen places, which mean they get enclosed cabins and a small world of their own in different sizes – 2 , 4 and 8 seaters.

Women Workspace

This is a coworking space aimed at providing Women Entrepreneurs and Women teams with exclusive, fully-equipped and safe co-working spaces.

Meeting Rooms

Magic happens here. Book your space for those life changing meetings which you have been planning all this while.

Conference Rooms

We have got a perfect place for your workshops, off site meetings, product launches and those brainstorming sessions with a little punch of fun.

Event spaces

Spaces to host your event like trade shows, concerts and other events.

Art Studios

Artist need spaces where they be creative with no hussle or thinking about anything else.

Photo/Film Studios

Create images that will show on the cover of a magazine. Boxes, background and other photo or film equipment are available in these spaces. You just bring your model and/items and capture all those moments in time.

Co-living Spaces

Not only work but live in the office too is what is happing on these locations. Ideal for traveling coworkers or backpackers.

Workshop Spaces

If you can dream it, you can make it in the workshop. Tools and a range of machines are ready to use. Not only for the handyman but for every professional who wants to create something. But, only work with machines which you know how to use. Otherwise, leave it to others. Safety first!

Congress Spaces

Large spaces to hold a congress with lots of people.

Yes, for every booked space the Lessor and the Renter both get their invoice send by email.

Just go to "my profile" and change whatever you want to change. After you have made all the corrections just hit the "submit" button. Please check again if you have made any changes. You can change it at any time.

At tis moment it's not possible.

Just click the button "choose files" and you can select up to 10 images. They will upload when you click the button "submit".

Because of PSD2 and US1099 regulations FlyBySpace.com is a 3rd party. Therefore our Payment Provider Stripe will keep your payment in escrow to ensure safe payments for the renter and the lessor. The given bank credentials are used to automaticly transfer the received payments directly into your bank account. That is why we need your bank account. Just to pay you in a safe, PSD2-proof manner!

A Lessor is the owner of the space. The Renter can rent the space the Lessor offer on the platform.

It's easy to sign up. Just hit the button "Sign Up" and fill out the form. Make sure you sign up as Renter if you want to rent space or as a Lessor if you want to list spaces. Don't worry, we keep the info to ourself!!

Deleting your space is easy. Just click the button "remove" and it's gone!

If you have rented a space. You just go to this space on our platform and give up to 5 stars rating. You can also comment on the space or highlight pro's and con's of it. it will be appreciated by other renters of this space!